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Norton.com/setup - Everybody remembers the name of Norton AntiVirus. It is one of the most famous protection software. Symantec developed it from 1991 to 2014. After that, the security software was rechristened as Norton security.

Symantec has been providing outstanding protection solutions ever since it arrived on the software market. The most recent version of the famous Norton Security suite is named Norton Security 2018. Only a few security apps have consistently got as many positive reviews as Norton security software.

Norton has been successfully delivering top-quality products and services. Before choosing one, go through the system requirements for the product and ensure that your device meets them. It is also good to check the list of features and subscriptions details before purchasing any Norton product (norton.com/setup).


System Requirements and Installation

The installation procedure for Norton programs is pretty straightforward. Norton products are usually compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,9, 8 Pro, 8.1 and 10. They are compatible with 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows versions. Just ensure that the Service Pack is updated. Apart from Windows, Norton products also run on Mac OS. Make sure that you have updated your Operating System.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, Norton gives comprehensive security for that also. Norton Security program runs on any device operating Android. All you need is a stable internet connection as Norton for phone uses the internet to conduct web-based anti-theft capabilities.

The Norton installation setup is very light-weight, and the residual files will get downloaded from Symantec's server when the security software is installed. Users can setup their Norton product on norton.com/setup.

How to Create your Norton Account?

Before you can access any of Norton’s tools, you need to have a Norton Account. Skip this section if you already have a valid Norton Account. Here are the steps to create your Norton Account:

  1. Launch your preferred internet browser on your desktop.
  2. Click on the following link to visit the Norton website: www.norton.com/setup
  3. Once the website has loaded, locate the “Sign in” button. It will be located in the top-right corner. You can also find it below the “Enter Product Key” prompt as a small message saying “Returning Customer? Sign In”
  4. Once you have been redirected to the login page, click on the alternate tab (next to the “Sign In” tab), which says “Create an Account”
  5. Enter all the mandatory details including your email address, name, mobile phone number, etc.
  6. Uncheck the “Email me product updates, offers, and security newsletters” message if you wish to opt out of updates from Norton.
  7. Click on “Create Account” and that’s it, your Norton Account is created.

Norton Download Setup file

After installing Norton setup, one needs to sign up for a user account. The user will have to register the security software on the servers of Norton. Or else, they will have to sign in to their Norton account.

After downloading and installing Norton setup file, and signing up for Norton account, a product tour will begin, and it will reveal all the features of the product.

Norton Security presents a magnificent design and a bunch of excellent cybersecurity tools.


The chief features of Norton Security are:

  • powerful antivirus module
  • firewall
  • anti-spam module
  • identity and data security

All of these features can be easily accessible via the well-designed UI. UI is very conveniently created. The users can go to any settings from the home screen.

The antivirus module

Computer users require the maximum security when they are connected to the internet. Recent researches imply that a number of them do not possess a great deal of information about the online threats. However, all of them are worried by infections, malware and the prospect of being infected by viruses. Norton Security scans the system and puts merely the dubious file into quarantine. Without even bothering the user, this software silently does what it is supposed to. It can effectively block other threats such as worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, etc. After identifying malware, Norton removes it in a matter of seconds.

The firewall

A majority of antivirus programs do not give security against the hackers in their entry-level security products. But Norton Security provides complete protection.  A firewall is included in the Norton Security software. The firewall is robust and works efficiently. It comes with a number of detailed controls for the program, traffic rules, browser protection, etc. The user can customize the firewall settings as per their wish.

The anti-spam module

Many users keep getting hit with a number of spam emails. Such junk emails promise a lot of money, consist of lucrative but fake job offers, and advertisements. They not only clog up the inbox but they may also contain malware. Norton security has an anti-spam filter which blocks and removes all the junk mail.

Norton Setup(Norton.com/setup) Activation

In order to make use of and access, all the features offered by the Norton product or service, on has first to activate the product. Product activation is necessary because it not only decreases software piracy, but it also makes sure that the user has a genuine copy of Norton software, If the device is connected to the internet, then the process of activation will begin on its own when the Norton product is launched for the first time after installation. If a user fails to do the product activation at the time of installation, then Norton will send a prompt for activation whenever the Norton product is launched. Moreover, the user will get notified by activation alerts from time to time until they activate the product. You can either activate your Norton product with the help of the steps given below or go to www.norton.com/setup.

  1. Launch your Norton product.
  2. In the user interface, click on the button - Activate Now.
  3. Alternatively, click on the Activate Now button from the Norton product activation alert.
  4. When the prompt comes, log in to the Norton account by entering your Norton username and password.
  5. Do one of the following:
  • If you have 25 character alphanumeric product key, then head to Enter a key, fill in the activation code, and after that follow displayed instructions.
  • In case you have any valid Norton licenses with you, then click on the subscriptions and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If you wish to buy a license, then click on Buy a Subscription. You will be lead to the Norton webstore. You will now have to complete the purchase.

Why You Should Need Norton ?

Norton Security(www.norton.com/setup) offers high-grade sophisticated protection for multiple devices such as computer, Mac, iPhone, tablets, Android devices, etc. Use this avant-garde tool to safeguard all of your web-enabled devices and then you will not have to worry about cyber dangers and threats.