After Filters for Cats, Snapchat rolls out New Dog lenses

Well, the holiday season is here, and everyone is prepared for having some family time.  What you need to know before taking those selfies with your little tail wiggling cutie pie is that now Snapchat has included new dog lenses.

A few months ago Snapchat created special filters for cats which were unique and gave cat lovers to styles their cats as they pleased. But as we know every dog has its day.

Yes, your pooch is about to become a rock star, by applying various dog-friendly lenses on Snapchat. As similar to the lenses available for your use Snapchat has also included new filters for dogs.

Previously when the lenses for cats were released, users of Snapchat tried to use it on their dogs which occasionally worked. This created a demand for dog filters as well.

But finally, Snapchat has figured out the algorithm to analyze a dog’s face and correctly applying the filters on dogs face. This new feature gives an opportunity for dog lovers to interact with their dogs and apply different filters to make them look even cuter.

After seeing the reaction of filters for cats, users of Snapchat were eager to use them on dogs. By observing such high demand for these filters, Snapchat gave their users a magnificent gift of adding such awesome filters for dogs.

As in Snapchat, you find various filters for your use like stylish goggles or flower crown similarly there are different filters like a pizza overlaying the face, antlers, floating hearts and many more for dogs.

 Not only this, but Snapchat has also included a new lens for humans as well. This new lens features the London’s famous Big Ben, where you will appear as a visitor against the under-construction Elizabeth Tower with accurate time.

This new lens featured for humans provides the user with a similar environment which he would experience while visiting the famous Big Ben. While using this lens, you will also observe text on the tower stating “Happy Holidays” to enrich the feel of festivals.

Snapchat has induced these new filters in the spirit of the festive season and tried to make a special place in the hearts of its users. You can spend your festive season by clicking selfies and using filters on your dog. Although these dog filters are quite amazing especially the treat crown for dogs, the major task is how you will make your cutie sit still and pose for the Snap. I hope you celebrate your festive season with lots of love and snaps.

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