Automaton Delivery Drones in the Near Future

Online marketing giants like Amazon, UPS and FedEx have displayed out of the box innovation in leading airborne delivery system to the next level at many of their demonstrations. In any case, the conditions erupting out of the social and mechanical settings are pulling their strings against the drone delivery systems. And the reality of this futuristic development seems to be distant.

There seems to be hysteria about AI and Big-data in the e-commerce circles, and the frenzy seems to erupt out of all the developments that we get to see in the form of intelligent robots. So, what will keep a flying robot from taking care of our conveyance needs? For now, only the bureaucratic and social settings seem to be casting bottlenecks in the process.

Last week, on Sunday, Amazon again tested its Prime Air drone delivery service in a dauntless manner exhibiting the function of flying automatons to serve humankind. Amazon as of now seems to be facing challenges in implications of the air delivery system from the Federal Aviation Administration. Jeff Bezos presented the drone-delivery capability that Amazon possesses, almost five years ago, and it has been long since then for the futuristic project to turn into a reality.

UPS likewise is shedding its main-line purse income to fasten the automaton delivery spree, and sure it is necessary; otherwise, it will be incapacitated by the outgrowth from other competitors. UPS recently tested its drone delivery capability in the Tampa, Florida area where UPS’ HorseFly UAV drone flew off from the roof of a modified UPS delivery van, then steered autonomously for the destination, dropped off the package and returned to the delivery van. Sounds great! But tidbits of hassles like a  situation where the drone is attacked or what in case of a fatal hardware issue amidst the flight needs a comprehensive workout plan which will further help the automaton spree to imbibe legal implications and ultimately come to a reality.

FedEx, it seems, is following the automaton delivery spree in a hush mode. It has already partnered with DEKA Research and Development to design a robot capable of delivering goodies at a fast-pace. Apparently, it looks like a pizza delivery-robot. FedEx is yet to test the bot in multiple cities and with same-day delivery capability. The measure of such an exercise seems to target on-demand local delivery for higher productivity. ‘The same-day bot,’ as it has been labeled is coming to give you a new age delivery experience.

Big wholesale retailers can breathe a sigh of relief for another 2 years since the automaton spectacle will take some time to germinate into a real-time show. Tech enthusiasts will have to wait for now to see a full development. Who knows your next pizza may be delivered by an intelligent robot.

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