Facebook’s Digital Literacy Library to Help Youths Become Digitally Aware

Recently, Facebook is starting developing resources only to help the youths to steer the internet responsibly and positively better. Nowadays, many youths are online than ever before only due to the current age of the misinformation.  Facebook has also released a Digital Literacy Library in partnership together with the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet & Society at the Harvard University. Though all the interactive videos and lessons can be easily downloaded for free, and they are also aimed to be used in the classroom, or in after-school programs, or obviously at home.

After created almost 10 years of the academic research and also built-in consultation with the teens, now the curriculum is divided in five themes they are as follow: Identity Exploration, Privacy and Reputation, Security, Community Engagement, and Positive Behavior.

While there are also 18 lessons which are available in English; and the company is also planning to add 45 more languages. Thus lessons can also be divided into three different age groups as between 11 and 18, and they can wrap everything from having the strong relationships online only to recognizing Hoax scams.

As we already discussed above that the Digital Literacy Library is a part of the Facebook’s Safety Center with a larger effort provide to the digital literacy skills to non-profits, small businesses and also in some community colleges. Sometimes we feel that it’s a step in a right direction, peculiarly it is missing from the lesson plans might be any mentions of the fake news.

Facebook has worked on a news literacy campaign with the intention of lowering the spread of false news earlier. But to give the company’s recent announcements directly admitting to the discovery off inauthentic social media campaigns which is ahead of the midterm elections. But it is very weird that the literacy library does not even call attention to spot the potential problems on its individual platforms.