How to Fix the iPhone Flashlight Grayed out Icon

Are you trying to adjust the iPhone flashlight brightness but your flashlight icon is grayed out? Or did you just recently update to iOS 11 and you just noticed that Flashlight is unavailable on your iPhone? Don’t worry! Soon you will realize that you’re not the only one to encounter this problem.

We have seen a lot of cases like this in emails and reports mentioning this bug. Also, in some of the cases, newly updated iPhones, to the 11th iOS generation, started to display a “grayed out Flashlight icon in Control Center.” Having this icon in Control Center makes the flashlight of your iPhone unavailable because the grayed out switch is unresponsive to the touches.

This issue in Control Center can be because of another app currently controlling your iPhone’s camera flash (which is probably the light used for the flashlight feature).

This problem mostly occurs when you’re using video recording or camera apps, although other less noticeable apps that rarely require the use of your iPhone’s camera may also be responsible.

How to Fix the iPhone Flashlight Grayed out Icon Issue

  1. First of all, open the Settings app.
  2. Click on the Control Center menu.
  3. Next, click on the Customize Controls option.
  4. Here, you will have to delete the Torch shortcut.
  5. Click on Back to save your change.
  6. After that, return to the customization menu.
  7. Now, you will need to return the Torch feature from the More Controls list.
  8. Click on the green Plus “+” icon.
  9. Doing so will bring the feature to the Include list.
  10. Then you will need to drag and drop the label into the position you want.
  11. Now, go to the Control Center and check if the Flashlight icon is still grayed out.

Note: make sure to close any of the apps that might probably be using the camera. Hence, if that doesn’t work, you should try restarting your iPhone.

Reboot iPhone To Troubleshoot Inactive iPhone Flashlight.

If the process mentioned above hasn’t been able to solve your issue, the next option available for is to hard restart the iPhone if you want the quick repair. Or also, you can perform a classic shutdown and reboot of the device.

Thus, after your iPhone powers on, you will need to slide for the Control Center and then check the Flashlight. The flashlight button should now be available.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope this information is going to be helpful to you.

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