How to Use Alexa Skills for Consumer Service

Alexa is not merely for entertainment, answering calls, playing music, and so on. Companies are using Alexa for interacting with clients in innovative and novel ways.

Alexa Skills have uncovered a unique method for ways that customers can communicate with businesses. Anybody can create Alexa Skills. Several third- parties have begun to develop and generate codes for Alexa to operate and communicate with clients. At present, one of the most famous methods that companies are adopting to use Alexa for their advantage is by developing individual skills.

Skills enable enterprises to transform Alexa into a digital shopfront and use Alexa’s consumer service skills. Fast-casual chains like Fazoli’s, Pizza Hut, etc., use Alexa skills for facilitating voice-ordering. So now, people can order a takeaway with their voice.

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Certain corporations let consumers listen to deals, place orders and give feedback. But, Alexa Skills are not just restricted to big companies. Any company possessing reasonable coding knowledge will be able to create Alexa Skills.

Lately, Amazon came up with a more convenient method for creating customized Alexa Skill with Alexa Blueprints. Alexa Blueprints enable people to make Skills, even when they do not possess relevant knowledge. Several templates and guides are available to make the process easier. These skills can also be shared.

Alexa for Hospitality

Now, Amazon Alexa has come to hotels. With Alexa for Hospitality, hotels and boarding services can use the digital assistant to boost their consumer services. Recently, Amazon collaborated with Marriott for bringing Alexa to hotel rooms. Hotel rooms will be equipped with Echo devices. These smart speakers will be personalized for the hotel.


Alexa has also found a role at clinics, infirmaries, and hospitals. Now, this digital assistant can help patients as well as healthcare providers. Several Alexa Skills can be availed in order to utilize them at the bedside that enables inmates to request for the attendant using their voice. With voice commands, beds can be raised or lowered, lights can be switched off or on, and in some instances, even the pain reliever drip can be controlled, making it most favorable for bed-ridden or immobile patients.

People can also ask queries when they are recuperating from home. Alexa Skills can also be used to get in touch with doctors, and taking appointments.

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