LinkedIn is Boosting its Use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

LinkedIn a business social network and the recruiting tool are now increasingly relying on technology directly from its parent company, Microsoft.

On Thursday, LinkedIn said that it’s tapping a service which is running in the Microsoft’s cloud data centers only to translate the text of its user’s posts into different other languages.

LinkedIn is Boosting its Use of Microsoft's Azure Cloud

And the decision suggested that LinkedIn is now becoming much more integrated into the Microsoft’s own systems, moderately than doing everything on its own as a separate, impartial company that will only happen to be owned by Microsoft. And the implementation might help Microsoft’s to push in the cloud business, where it will compete with the likes of the Google and Amazon.

LinkedIn start using the Microsoft Text Translator Application

Angelika Clayton, LinkedIn software engineer, and tech lead Bing Zhao wrote in a blog post that to translate the words of people’s into dozens of other languages; now the LinkedIn has started using the Microsoft Text Translator application programming interface.

Clayton and Zhao also wrote that to use the latest and fresh features, now the users can easily hit the new See translation button in the foreign-language posts, and they spot in the LinkedIn’s main news feed. And for this new and latest feature, the company have selectively translated the text into 24 different targeted languages which match each of the member’s interface locales that are supported by LinkedIn. And the Users can easily rate the translations with as many as five stars.

However, one of the spoke people said that the features should easily be available soon if it is still not appearing yet.

The company said that right now, the information given on the profile pages and in comments cannot be translated easily, but recently LinkedIn is thinking about that how it can expand translation.

In the recent years, Google and Facebook have been taken steps to add in-house AI translations into their products, and the Amazon and Google offer the cloud translation systems for developers that vie with an Azure system that is already used by the LinkedIn.

Though, it is not the first time when LinkedIn is tapping Azure. Now, the Microsoft subsidiary has also been chosen Azure to help with the providing users to videos in the app.

Azure is the flagship of the Microsoft’s increasing commercial cloud business, which includes Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365. In the first quarter, the commercial cloud brought the Microsoft almost $6 billion in revenue, and the revenue growth of Azure exceeded to the 90 percent. In that quarter the revenue of LinkedIn was up to the 37 percent, and at more than $1.3 billion.

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