How to Play Podcasts on Alexa

With the feature of performing so many tasks such as making a call, playing music, controlling smart home devices, setting alarms, telling weather and news and much more, your smart personal assistant can also play podcasts for you.

If you are also a fan of the latest and greatest podcasts, then your personal assistant Alexa can be a fabulous way to keep up with your favorite podcast series. Alexa pulls podcasts directly from TuneIn, which gives you a decent selection of tiles to listen and subscribe to.

Playing podcast on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot is easy. If you want to listen to the latest episode, just ask Alexa to play the podcast you want to listen. With built-in TuneIn service, Alexa can play most podcasts.

Here’s the procedure to play a podcast or an episode with Alexa

How to Open and manage Podcast

  1.    Open ‘Alexa app’.
  2.    Tap on ‘Menu’ button. The three horizontal lines at the upper left corner.
  3.    Tap on ‘Music, Video, & Books.’ The first option under your Amazon account.
  4.    Scroll and Tap on ‘TuneIn’ under the music heading.
  5.    Hit ‘Podcasts.’

To play a podcast in your Alexa device

  1.    Say ‘Alexa’ to wake up ‘Alexa.’ Now, she will begin listening for your next command.

Alexa is the default wake-up word, if you have changed it to another word, like ‘Echo,’ ‘Amazon’ or some other, then Use your selected wake-up word to activate your Echo device.

  1.    Ask ‘Alexa’ to play a Podcast.

For example,

‘Alexa play Radiolab,’ or what you want to listen, Alexa will immediately begin playing the latest episodes.

  1.    Alexa uses default ‘’ so, if TuneIn doesn’t have your asked podcast, then Alexa isn’t able to play.

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To use the Alexa app to find podcasts and choose episodes

  1.    Open the ‘Alexa app’ in your iPhone or Android device.
  2.    Tap on ‘Menu’ button. The three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.
  3.    Tap on ‘Music, Video, & Books.’ The first option under your Amazon account.
  4.    Scroll and Tap on ‘TuneIn’ under the music heading.
  5.    Search for the Podcast in the search box, you want.
  6.    Tap on the podcast.
  7.    Select an episode.

Your selected episode will start playing on your Alexa device.

To play a previous episode

  1.    Say ‘Alexa (Wakeup word) play the previous episode.’ Alexa will start playing the last episode.
  2.    Use this command as many times you want to go back to further episodes.

To control playback with voice commands

  1.    Say ‘Alexa pause’ to pause the podcast.
  2.    Say ‘Alexa Volume 5’ to adjust the volume to 5 (out of 10), respectively.
  3.    Remember, if you ask Alexa to perform an additional task that is not a playback command during playing podcast, this may lead to losing your place in the podcast.

You can also use Alexa’s standard playback controls to play, pause, change volume, fast-forward, and rewind. It is better to use standard controls.