May 17, 2018

How to Install with Product key – First launched in the year 1991, Norton Anti-Virus is one of the oldest security software across the globe. At present Norton security suite is available for multiple devices like PCs, Macs, Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. It covers security, data backup, web search, etc.

The new Norton Security software is primarily about the basics. It can effectively detect identified threats, it has smart behavior monitoring and an outstanding file reputation service to find new threats, and its anti-spoofing tool is really exceptional.

There are a couple of good added tools too, such as the Norton Identity Safe password manager which is an efficient password management tool.

Purchase Norton Setup

The price of the Norton product or service varies accordingly. Norton products often come with a one-year subscription. However, some Norton products or services come with a monthly subscription too. A number of options for a particular product are provided. Norton security can be purchased for Macs, Windows PCs, Android phones and tabs, iPhones, and iPads. To buy any Norton product, service, or subscription, people can go to the online purchase site or a nearby retail store.

Norton Antivirus Setup(

Some Norton products do not come with a trial period, so users have to purchase it directly. Most of the Norton antivirus products come with a firewall to ensure complete computer and network protection. After buying Norton product, users just have to download and install it. The process is pretty straightforward and barely takes more than a couple of minutes to complete.

However, first-time users will be required to fill out an account registration form. They will have to enter their full name, email address, state their location and contact number.

Norton Setup Activation

After installing the Norton setup, users have to enter their 25 character alphanumeric product key/code at Without activation, one cannot access the Norton program.

After activation, the user will receive a post-setup alert. This alert will notify the user about all the missing updates. Just tap on the fix button and your Norton product will be ready to start protecting your device in a couple of moments.

However, setup does not just end here for some products. Along with specific Norton products such as Norton Antivirus Basic, tools such as Safe Search and Identity Safe come along. To avail the features of these tools, they need to be installed as browser extensions. Users will receive a message to install these extensions separately. However, if you do not wish to install the browser extensions, then you can just disable the prompts.

User Interface

Norton programs are well-known for having a clean and advanced interface. Their UI is loaded with features, settings, and options. Rows of options are expandable and collapsible. Thus making it convenient to navigate.

History Viewer

Norton has a powerful tool which is called History Viewer. When you go to History Viewer, you will be able to see the recently conducted activities. This helps the users in determining when they updated the product for the last time. This history can also be filtered. One can go through the scan results to notice the trend. One may also go to unresolved security risks to see where they stand right now.

Default Settings

Norton Security comes with amazing settings options. For users who do not wish to get entangled in technicalities of software, reasonable default settings are available. It is quite simple to conduct On-demand scans. Users just have to go to the user interface and click on a button. The scanning speed is excellent. Norton comprehensively scans the entire system for any infections.

More than antivirus

Norton Antivirus not only protects the computer against viruses but it also scans and removes malware, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms, and other threats. Apart from that, it also provides end-to-end security of computers, laptops, servers, and phone devices. It also has an anti-spyware tool. Its comprehensive Threat Scan can detect and remove zero-day exploits.

Effective and accurate Anti-Spam protection

Norton security software protects the user from the perils of spam and spoofing by using a high-grade anti-spam tool which makes sure that it detects and removes 99 percent of spam and generates only one in a million false positives.

Norton products are manufactured and sold by a leading software company named Symantec. After purchasing any Norton program, just download the setup and then install it. If you have an installation disk, then just insert the disk and install the setup. After that run the Setup file. To activate your Norton program, go to Enter the product activation key and then you can access your Norton program.