South Korea Cuts the Cords: Gets its own Destiny 2

South Korea shall get its own version of Destiny 2, named Destiny: Guardians. While the game essentially remains the same, the major difference is the Eververse vendor. In the game, the Eververse store sells a variety of cosmetic items using actual currency. However, the South Korean version of Destiny will have a new version of the Eververse in-game store headed by Yuna, who will replace the familiar face of Tess Everis. Yuna will be seen selling weapons, armours, and XP boosts. This news comes from the Naver Sports report translated by Eurogamer.

Eurogamer also mentioned a famous YouTuber’s claim that high level and upgraded weapons will be available in the store. It also confirmed that the Festival of Lost – the annual Halloween event on Destiny – will be making a comeback in October. Furthermore, the players of Destiny: Guardians will be hosted on separate servers and not the regular Destiny servers that are connected to the rest of the world. This is done keeping in view that the benefits availed by South Korean gamers will give them an unfair edge over the players of the West.

The much-awaited game is scheduled to be released on 5th September.