What are the different ways to protect your Twitter Privacy

Twitter has only two options, whether you wish to make your account public or private. When you make your Twitter account, the account is already set in public by default, but you can convert your Twitter account in private to secure your tweets from unapproved followers. They will only see your tweets when you accept their request. Twitter will secure you all tweets when you turn it into private.

Here are some of the steps to make your Twitter account private:

  1. Understand the requirement while protecting your tweets.

While making your Twitter or tweets private make sure to comprehend what is needed when you switch to a private account:

  • Approved users can see your tweets.
  • You have to accept all requests, or other users have to send you a request to follow you.
  • Users will not be able to tweet you.
  • In the Google searches your tweets will not display there, and will not come in Twitter searches.
  • The replies you had sent will not show if you don’t send it to your accepted users. Take an example; if you message to your celebrities, they will not be able to see that before you have not allowed them to follow you.
  • Whatever you tweet it will only be seen by those followers you had accepted to follow you.
  • With your followers, you can share the permanent link of your tweet only to them.
  1. Sign in to your Twitter account with your username and password. 
  1. Press on the “Setting and Help” icon.

It is on the top side of the page. Go down to the “Settings” button and then press.

  1. Press on the option “Privacy and safety”.

Go down to the privacy column; press the “protect my Tweets” column to make your account private.

  1. 5. Go down to the option of the settings page, and press on “Save changes”.

Moving forward, the tweets you posted will be protected, and your current twitter followers can see your posts.

  1. 6. Unprotect your tweets.

Uncheck the “Protect my Tweets” for making your tweets public again.

  • Be sure everyone will now see your tweets which are protected.
  • Before you turn your account back to the public, you have to check any pending follower request, and if you did not accept them, then the users have to send you the request again.

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