What Can Google Chromecast Do

Google Chromecast is the simplest and reasonable ways to mirror your mobile phone, PC, or tablet to your television. Set up your Chromecast first and after that use it to mirror from your favourite website.

Google Chromecast

Here are some exciting features of Chromecast:

  1. Use your picture as background

When you are not using your Chromecast, it started displaying wallpaper on your TV of beautiful scenery. In case you like to use your picture, and then install the Google Home application to your Android or iPhone gadget, click on your Chromecast from the list of your gadgets on the Home window and after that click on the gear icon to go to the settings app. In gadget settings, press Ambient mode and then choose Google Photos and choose a slideshow to show on your window.

If you like to customise your gadget look, you can use your picture for your gadget wallpaper. But it should be on the Google album so that Chormecast can find it quickly and display them.

  1. Search for Chromecast-compatible applications

The applications which support Chromecast are Google Play Music, YouTube, Netflix, etc. But you can search for the more applications that you can stream to your television; you can do it by going to the Google Home application on your gadget and choose the Discover button. Go down to the feed, and you will get items for Chromecast like Sports, News and Music. You can go through these to download any Chromecast-compatible application that you like to add.

  1. Casting from Chrome

You have to use Chrome instead of another browser like UC Browser or Opera to mirror your desktop. Chrome has its casting features itself, so you don’t have to buy Chromecast extension. To cast your entire PC display on your television with Chromecast, go to the Chrome and then press the Cast tab to the right side of the URL bar and after that choose your gadget to start casting.

  1. Watch local files

You have to use a different way to watch local videos and files to your Chromecast from a desktop. You need to download it from Chrome Web Store and start it. After this, you can select a local video file on your PC and then choose the Chromecast you wish to cast to.  Your Chromecast will cast the video from your PC without any graphical problem. Chromecast support MP4 files so you can use it easily. If you don’t want to use a third-party solution that costs money, then this is the simplest method to cast your local videos or images through Chromecast.

  1. Play games via Chromecast

You can play mobile games with the help of your Chromecast. To search for the game that Chromecast support, go to the Google Home application and search games in the Find application window or go to your mobile Google Play Store. Here’s how:

  • Open Apps and games.
  • Click Categories.
  • Press Google Cast.
  • Hit Games button.
  • Press More.

After you download and go to a game compatible with Chromecast, search for and press Cast logo to cast it to your television.

  1. Queue your casts

If we talk about casting from the YouTube application, with the help of your mobile phone you can queue up videos when you are watching that video. Select a video, click on it and you will get Play and Queue tabs. You can also click the triple-dot tab next to a video and after that click Add to Queue. You can watch your queue by clicking the Now Playing tab at the end of the window. You cannot rearrange the videos in your queue; you can only delete videos or add them to watch it later.

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