Know when and why Fornite’s Playground Mode goes Offline

On Thursday, the Fortnite’s latest limited time mode, the Playground will leave the game. By July 12, the developer Epic Games has been launched. In Reddit, the developer said that it appreciates all the feedback players who have provided about this mode. It is going away so the Epic can take it back under construction before seemingly bringing it back with some other changes.

However, the next version of the Playground is expected to the feature with some new functionality which will allow the players to select teams which are within the Playground. If the Epic can deliver this then it will provide players the ability to have things like:

  • 1v1s and 2v2s
  • Editing other player’s structures
  • Traps affecting teammates or enemies correctly
  • Aim assist for controllers
  • Highlighting teammates on the map
  • Damaging enemies with your pickaxe

Epic said that we hope to deliver a full creative mode inside the Fortnite someday, and also Playground is one of the very first steps towards that.

Now, the Playground is intended to be a very low-pressure environment which acts much like a private server. It also lets the players explore the map and also play around with up to almost three friends, and it’s free from the risk of being removed by some other people.

Though each of the Playground matches lasts for almost one hour, and the storm circle would not start closing in the map until the 55 minutes which have been passed. Now, the friendly fire is automatically enabled, although some of the players will immediately respawn unless it is eliminated by the storm. There is also much more loot to find, and it also affords the opportunities to turn around with the game which you could not in a regular match.

On July 12 Playground will disappear, which also the start of the Season 5. We don’t know what to expect, but there is likely to be some map changes or perhaps a new map which is along with some another Battle Pass, new skins, and many more.